About Bamako International Academy

Bamako International Academy (BIA) provides internationally recognized English-language-based education to its students from preschool through grade 12. Our school is located right in Bamako, Mali, and we offer the time-tested Edmentum blends of curriculum to our students. BIA’s long-standing partnership with Edmentum Education has spanned more than a decade. We are child-centred and operate more like a community attended by students from over thirteen countries. Our small class sizes and individualized learning strategies allow us to delve deeper into our programs, creating more personalized instruction and a cohesive vision among our teachers.

Our Mission

At BIA, our mission is to provide excellent and well-balanced international education in a multicultural environment that fosters learning, encouraging our students to reach their true potentials and become the very best version of themselves.


Our preschool program and approach bring together vital contents, tools, data, and support aligned to research-based objectives, which empower our teachers to easily identify and cater to the needs of each child in our Pre-K2 through Pre-K4 sections. We use the renowned Calvert Learning curriculum for grades kindergarten through sixth and EdOptions and Keystone for high school.

We offer a wide range of courses, including core subjects, Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses, dozens of engaging electives, and world languages in high school. In addition, our students learn through interactive, multimedia-rich curriculums, with access to teacher support to ensure a rewarding individualized high school experience and obtain the US High School Diploma at graduation.

Our French courses introduce students to French as an international language and focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Class discussions provide an opportunity for discourse using newly acquired French-speaking skills. Furthermore, students develop social skills and some vital aspects of French culture and continue through practical communication exchanges, thereby gaining the skills necessary to make the most of travelling to French-speaking countries.


BIA Uses Yearly Updated Programs:
Learning evolves as well as the technologies involved in pedagogy. Each year, our teaching staff undergoes a series of intense and purpose-driven professional development meetings where we discuss the highs and lows of the preceding year, new curriculum features, and the best ways to use them efficiently.

External Grading System for Accountability and Progressive Learning:
Our programs are project-based, and students prove what they have learned through their completed projects. Our teachers teach and supervise the projects, and an external team of experts oversees, analyzes, and grade the projects using the core rubrics needed. This team, in return, offers feedback to our students based on their graded projects and to our teachers on lesson delivery. For over a decade, we have found this method better than the traditional classrooms where teachers are overly burdened with workload and do not have enough time to focus on their students. In addition, BIA students also sit for Cognia Assessments Test three times in each school session to ensure curriculum contents alignment with the international standards and learners progress.

We Are Affordable:
BIA remains one of the best schools in Bamako, we are affordable because we provide the best education and care at the most reasonable cost and in a safe and secure environment.


Bamako International Academy is a COGNIA member school. With the MSA-CESS, COGNIA, and NCAA accreditations of Calvert Learning, Keystone and EdOptions Academy, our students transfer to schools of their choice at the end of their stay in Bamako, and our high school graduates pursue their post-secondary education at reputable universities and colleges within Africa, North America, Europe, or elsewhere.


Message from the Director

Welcome to BIA! Choosing a school that fits a child’s needs is always a significant decision for parents; it’s not just about the curriculum but the approach that suits that family’s standards and expectations. BIA has served families and the English-speaking community in Bamako since 2009 and has provided an academic experience that transcends a regular school. Our philosophy focuses on one child at a time, and we have maintained a long-standing partnership with outstanding independent schools in the United States, enabling us to offer highly esteemed programs to our students. We have great success stories! We welcome students from all backgrounds and have hired and retained the most formidable and multicultural teaching staff. Visit us today to learn more about our school and programs. – Arthur Wilson


For inquiries on fees and annual tuition, please call +223 44905300, 92906250, 70059709, or 79470086. You can also send us an email at admissions@bamakoacademy.com. The required enrollment documentation includes:

  • a completed enrollment application form (scroll down a bit to download one)
  • applicant’s most recent school records
  • a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  • An assessment test might be necessary to determine placement in line with our enrollment procedures.