About Bamako International Academy

Welcome to Bamako International Academy (BIA), an approved private school in Bamako, Mali, dedicated to providing internationally recognized English-language education to its students from preschool through grade 12.

BIA serves as a hub for diverse learners and takes pride in its child-centered approach, fostering an environment where students thrive. Our faculty and support staff form a dynamic, multinational team, enhancing the global perspective within our community. Rather than merely a school, BIA operates as a close-knit educational community, welcoming students from various countries.

One of the unique features of BIA is our commitment to small class sizes and personalized learning strategies. This intentional focus allows us to go beyond conventional teaching methods, ensuring each student receives individualized attention. Through this approach, we create a cohesive vision among our dedicated teachers, fostering a collaborative and enriching educational experience for all.

Our Mission

At BIA, our mission is to provide excellent and well-balanced international education in a multicultural environment that fosters learning, encouraging our students to reach their true potentials and become the very best version of themselves.

Curriculum: BIA is the exclusive partner of Edmentum Education in Mali, authorized to provide its students with the EdOptions Academy and Calvert Learning curriculums. Our longstanding partnership with Edmentum, spanning over a decade, has yielded remarkable success stories. BIA students undergo Cognia assessment tests three times in each school session. This ensures alignment of curriculum content with international standards and monitors learners’ progress, fostering a commitment to maintaining high educational benchmarks. Additionally, we offer Pre-AP and AP Courses in high school, all of which pave the way for our graduates to explore and pursue post-secondary education in Africa, North America, Europe, and beyond.

French: BIA also offers French as an international language course from kindergarten. Our French program emphasizes speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Class discussions provide a platform for discourse, allowing students to apply their newly acquired French-speaking abilities. Furthermore, students enhance their social skills and gain insights into vital aspects of French culture, progressing through practical communication exchanges. This approach equips them with the skills needed to fully embrace travel to French-speaking countries.

Operations: Learning continually evolves alongside advancements in pedagogical technologies. Our project-based curricula enable students to showcase their capabilities while fostering independent work, with teachers providing valuable support. The format of our programs is designed to cultivate essential skills, including research proficiency, collaborative teamwork, and group dynamics.

BIA’s teaching staff participates in rigorous and purpose-driven professional development meetings each school year. These sessions involve discussions on the successes and challenges of the previous year, exploration of new curriculum features, and collaborative strategizing on practical implementation.

We Are Affordable:
BIA continues to stand out as one of the premier English schools in Bamako. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our affordable pricing, where we offer the best education and care at a reasonable cost. We prioritize creating a safe and secure environment for our students, ensuring a nurturing space for their holistic development

Accreditations: Bamako International Academy is recognized by the Malian Académie de l’enseignement and accredited by COGNIA.


From the Director

Welcome to BIA! Choosing a school that aligns with a child’s needs is a significant decision for parents. It goes beyond the curriculum; it involves finding an approach that meets the family’s standards and expectations. Since 2008, BIA has been dedicated to serving families and the English-speaking community in Bamako, providing an academic experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our philosophy centers on individualized attention, focusing on one child at a time. Through long-standing partnerships and international affiliations, we offer highly esteemed programs to our students. The success stories of our students are a testament to our commitment. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and take pride in our formidable and multicultural teaching staff, who are not only hired but also retained for their exceptional skills. Visit us today to discover more about our school and programs. – Arthur Wilson

For inquiries regarding fees and annual tuition, please get in touch with us at any of the following phone numbers: +223 44905300, 92906250, 70059709, or 79470086. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at admissions@bamakoacademy.com

  • a completed enrollment application form (scroll down a bit to download one)
  • applicant’s most recent school records
  • a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  • An assessment test might be necessary to determine placement in line with our enrollment procedures.

Please note that an assessment test may be required to determine placement in accordance with our enrollment procedures. We look forward to assisting you in the enrollment process.